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ProfitFuel acquired by Yodle

May 24th, 2011 Posted in Ryan Pitylak

Austin-based online marketing company ProfitFuel Inc. has been bought by a New York company for an undisclosed amount.

Online advertising firm Yodle Inc. completed the transaction to acquire ProfitFuel with plans to grow and fully integrate the local office with the larger company by the end of the year. ProfitFuel CEO David Rubin will join Yodle as senior vice president of sales, company officials said.

ProfitFuel, which was founded in 2002, employs 220 workers. Yodle, which was founded in 2005, employed 450 workers before the deal. The company was picked for Inc.’s 500 fastest growing companies in 2008. Click here to read that story.

ProfitFuel, which claims more than 11,000 clients, provides search engine optimization services to small U.S. businesses. Earlier this month, the company was recognized by the Austin Business Journal as one of the city’s best places to work.

Jeremy Kuhnke Joins ProfitFuel as VP of Marketing

February 1st, 2011 Posted in Ryan Pitylak

PRLog (Press Release) – Feb 01, 2011 – AUSTIN, Texas — ProfitFuel, a leading provider of local search engine placement services for small businesses nationwide, today announced that Jeremy Kuhnke, former Founder and Chief Operating Officer of BigLocal, has joined the company as Vice President of Marketing. Kuhnke brings his background in engineering and internet marketing strategy to ProfitFuel.

“We couldn’t have found a better fit for ProfitFuel, both in culture and strategic vision”, said Ryan Pitylak, former VP of Marketing at ProfitFuel. Pitylak announced last month that he was resigning to pursue new venture opportunities. Pitylak passed the torch to Kuhnke after building a high performance team that developed the industry leading Outrank.com product that currently helps over 9,000 businesses gain front page placement on major search engines.

“We are disappointed to see Ryan go but we know he will find continued success. We are extremely thankful for the leadership and devotion he has put into ProfitFuel,” said Jared Slosberg, President of the company. “His innovation and focus have driven sales growth for our customers and, in turn, that has been cause for growth and hiring within our company itself,” Slosberg continued. “We were aware of what Jeremy had created at BigLocal and once we started talking with him, the deal was sealed for us — it is an honor to have Jeremy join our team.”

At BigLocal, Kuhnke built a scalable solution to help small to medium-sized businesses achieve positive online presence. “I’m excited about being in Austin and becoming part of ProfitFuel,” said Kuhnke. “Both ProfitFuel and BigLocal have paved the way for the small business owner to find success. I feel like I’m picking up a few steps ahead of where I left off at BigLocal about a year or so ago. I feel very at home; when I walked through the doors at ProfitFuel, I felt the excitement – the energy is contagious!”

Outrank.com and ProfitFuel continue to hire and expand to meet the needs of their growing client base. To learn more about career opportunities and openings, visit: http://www.profitfuel.com/jobs/.

Extracting the Maximum Value from your Company’s Marketing Database

December 22nd, 2009 Posted in Ryan Pitylak Tags:

One of the most compelling areas of demand generation is figuring out how to maximize the return from your existing marketing database. Once a company is able to find its target customers, building a lasting relationship with those customers is a step that is often underutilized.  Ryan Pitylak addresses this topic in the article below.

In a consumer focused internet business, anyone who visits your website is a potential customer. Below is a list of the potential touch points where you can build relationships with your customers. See Ryan Pitylak’s blog, linked to below, for a list of ideas for effectively communicating with your prospects at each touch point.

Website visitor

Create a compelling landing page that is always conversions focused. Your prospects should immediately understand the value statement and your unique selling points. Ryan Pitylak believes that you must give them an easy way to sign up, using a very simple sign up form. Do not put up road blocks in the sign up process. For example, no ‘input the following code in the box below.’

Customers who start the order process, but don’t finish

These customers left the order process because you were unable to communicate with them effectively. Did they leave because the price was too high? Did they leave because your shopping cart didn’t communicate trust and safety? Did they decide they could live without the product, for now? All of these questions should be addressed during the sign up process. You may contact Ryan Pitylak to discuss how you convert your potential users into actual users.  There are many additional mechanism available to track what the users are doing on your website, and actually get some insight into what they’re doing your website.  Analytics is a way of the past.  Join the future with website tape technology.

Finished order

These are your best customers, and you know it. You probably communicate with them regularly through email. If you don’t, you’re missing out on a big opportunity, because these customers are interested in your products enough to make a purchase. Create compelling emails that are brand sensitive and are focused on the unique value proposition of your business. Why should these customers care about your email? What value are you providing them in the email? Is that value properly expressed in the subject line?

Expressed interest in special offer or newsletter

These are prospects that have shown interest in your product, but have not committed to making a purchase. Your website delivered the notion of value and trust and some prospects decided to allow you to reach out to them through future marketing and editorial messages. Make sure you provide the customer with the for which emails they’re asking.


This is a fairly new arena. The concept is to track visitors who have visited your website with a tracking pixel. This type of tracking is called behavioral targeting. Large companies, such as Tacoda (owned by Time Warner/AOL), use this targeting to deliver messages based on the behavior of the visitor.

With any of these topics, feel free to contact Ryan Pitylak about resolving these issues with your marketing program.

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